What is HITS?

Heavy In The Streets (H.I.T.S. Longboarding) is a video archive of over 20000 Classic Longboarding videos from all over the world. We have the largest collection of videos from the early days up to 2014.

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Street Heat - What People Are Watching

Sector9 Vs Rayne Sector9 Vs Rayne694120 views
Ben10 Ben10620 views
Wicked Sauce Wicked Sauce776 views
Paname ! Paname !404 views
fOgSeSh fOgSeSh434 views
Grey Area Grey Area416 views
Dope Session Dope Session441 views
penny boards penny boards1754 views
"Sky High"479 views
KUA. KU. KUA. KU.916 views
GRADE GRADE64347 views
Sexy Skatan Sexy Skatan 598 views
Shepherd Raw Shepherd Raw510 views
Rocket Fuel! Rocket Fuel!466 views
21 Bucks 21 Bucks403 views
Vicky Vandal Vicky Vandal1151 views
down is good down is good575 views